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Remote Law Firm Automates Mailroom Process

August 07, 20232 min read


Implementing a system for managing physical mail from clients is important to the daily function of every business in general, and a well-oiled mail system is nothing short of an expectation for the best law firms in particular.

It is essential to maintaining a great client experience to balance efficiency and ensuring high visibility over all inbound physical correspondence in the pipeline so that responses are timely and effective.

In this project, we helped a client supercharge the productivity of their internal mail processing workflow by 41x in just under 8 weeks by implementing an automated Digital Mailroom system.

The Problem

Our client came to us with a problem that was affecting the customer satisfaction with their business: customers were reaching out via snail-mail but were not receiving timely responses to communications due to the slow, inefficient nature of the existing mail processing workflow, which required many hours of manual effort. Previously, mail was scanned into a cloud-based storage provider and weekly digests of tens and hundreds of letters were manually created by a one-person team.

The Solution

To address these problems, we decomposed our client’s end-to-end mail process to identify opportunities where the power of integration and automation could provide significant value to all stakeholders throughout the process. We then re-imagined how the existing workflow would operate in a perfect world. With that, we built an end-to-end system for their employees to use that supported the idealized workflow, and automated as many steps as possible to ensure efficiency and data integrity.

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The Results

The final result of our collaboration was an automated and integrated Digital Mailroom system that multiplied the productivity of the mail processing team by 41x (you read that right!), simplified the workflow for mail respondents, and provided a single source of truth and visibility over the inbound mail. All of this made possible from a system that is accessible from anywhere in the world, including on mobile devices. 

Built with Airtable along other third party integration services such as Make, the Digital Mailroom proved that standardizing even such a commonly overlooked process such as mail processing can deliver significant productivity improvements when the problem is reframed as one caused by the systems in place rather than geographical or human resource limitations.

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Mecca Parker

I operate a startup technology consulting agency that helps agency leaders across industries build internal IT systems that drive productivity, efficiency, clarity, and collaboration in their operations. Our specialities are in Airtable and, as well as other low-code tools. As a technology consultant, I serve clients across a range of industries including in marketing, legal services, media and entertainment, art, non-profits, and more.

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